Thursday, May 18, 2017

Panopto: KUMC's New Screen Capture and Content Management System!

TLT is excited to announce that Panopto will soon be replacing TechSmith Relay, our current screen and lecture capture software!  Relay has been a great option for anyone who has wanted to capture simple PowerPoint presentations or create a short videos to share with others, but users have never had many options for sharing and managing videos after they were created.  Technology has advanced a great deal since Relay’s adoption at KUMC, and Panopto’s leveraging of these advancements will allow us to overcome the limitations associated with Relay.   

With the introduction of Panopto, university students, teachers, and staff will not only be able to create recordings with multiple streams of HD video, but they will also be able to manage and edit those recordings within a YouTube style landing page.  Users will be able to easily share these videos either by generating public/private links, embedding videos in websites, or giving fellow users permission to view your video folders.  Panopto’s content management system even provides the ability to see detailed statistics related to recordings like:  times viewed, minutes watched, and number of viewers. 

Because this is a new system, we will be conducting limited use of Panopto in conjunction with select summer classes.  We plan to eventually make the system available to all university users starting with the Fall 2017 semester.  Relay will be maintained until the migration of current recordings into the new Panopto system is completed. 

If you would like to learn more about what Panopto has to offer please visit Panopto's website.

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