Thursday, March 9, 2017

TechSmith Relay Portable Recorder

Have you ever wanted to record a presentation with Relay but you couldn't use a computer with the desktop Relay application installed on it?  This can happen if you travel off campus, need to use a KUMC Hospital computer, or encounter a technical issue with a KUMC classroom computer.  Never fear!  The TechSmith Relay Portable Recorder is here!

The portable recorder is practically like using the desktop application except the application is installed on a USB flash drive, therefore giving you the ability to use Relay on any computer that has a USB port.  To use it simply launch the Relay recorder from the flash drive, enter in all the required information, and begin your recording.  After you are finished, save the recording and take the flash drive to a computer with the desktop version of Relay installed on it. You will then plug in your drive and launch the portable recorder again.  This will prompt the desktop application to open, and the system will notify you that it has found saved presentations.  Follow the prompts and upload as many saved recordings as your little flash drive can hold!  Keep in mind that recordings take up about 4GB of space for every hour of recording.

To download the portable recorder visit, and navigate to Client Downloads.  Next, scroll down, and click on Download Portable Recorder.  You can also find more detailed information about this process at

Don't forget, if you have any issues with the portable recorded you can contact Teaching and Learning Technologies at 588-7107 or, and we'll help guide you through it.

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