Monday, January 30, 2017

Online/Mobile Flash Cards

Learning is a multi-stage process, and sometimes you just have a pile of things to memorize.  Flash cards are a traditional way of helping to memorize lists of definitions, vocabulary, and object identification.

Making traditional flash cards using 3x5 cards is easy enough, but it's very hard to share with a group of people.  Below are three online flash card creation and sharing websites, all with a basic free version and smartphone apps for easy participation.  Cards can be created one at a time, or imported from an excel spreadsheet or pasted from a copied list.

StudyBlue makes it easy to create card sets with text and images that you can flip on screen for studying.  You can also automatically make your set into a quiz or a review sheet.  You can make your set private only to you, or public to the world.

Upgrade to the Pro version to get full access to all shared study content over 250+ million materials, get advanced study features like 'hide cards you know', and remove ads.

The free version of quizlet does not include images nor special characters, but it does have several different modes for a variety of learning styles.  Besides the standard flash cards, there is a Learn mode, for typing in an answer; a Spell mode, where you type what you hear; a Test mode, a Match game, and a Gravity game, where you must type in the correct answer to save the planet!

Slide sets can be private, public, or public with password protection.  Quizlet also give you code that will allow you to embed flashcards within a BlackBoard page.

Upgrading to Teacher will allow you to track student progress, add images, record your own voice, create groups with unlimited classes, and use live custom games in class, to keep game-play going continuously.

Cram also supports images, and offers the standard flash cards, as well as a Memorization mode to help track when you've gotten a card right, and aTest mode.  Cram also offers a jewel matching game and spelling game.

Cram does not appear have a premium version at this time

If you'd like to know more, contact Dean Mehling in TLT, x8-3678, or

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