Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Exemplar Courses Presentation Recording

If you missed this afternoon's excellent Exemplar Courses presentation, a recording is now available:

NURS 446/OCTH776 : an online interdisciplinary course taught collaboratively by Gina Johnson (SON), Wendy Hildenbrand (SHP-OT), and Vicki Hicks (SON) 
In this unique Interprofessional Education learning environment, this Population Health Course guides students through a community assessment and project plan using concepts from population health and the domains of interprofessional collaboration to guide students work together.   Although online team work is not new in this course, this year's students have used Adobe Connect to bond as a community of learners.  In this forum, students have been able to connect (engage) more with one another seeking answers and information of each other first rather solely relying on instructors.

Peer Evaluations Solutions in the Health Information Management (HIM): Norb Belz (HIM)
HIM has implemented peer-evaluation through Blackboard discussion forums and a new tool, TeamMates, to allow students to provide feedback to each other on a variety of assessments. Peer evaluation is a great solution to increase quality of work and students' critical thinking skills. Blackboard's peer evaluation tool is not very effective and too cumbersome to implement, thus HIM uses the discussion forums and TeamMates. TeamMates, is a free, Google-forms based software that allows for a variety of survey questions, options, and reporting to support peer evaluations. In this presentation, HIM faulty will discuss their implementation of peer evaluation and the benefits of using these technology solutions.

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