Tuesday, November 29, 2016

5 Steps Toward Accessibility

  1. Provide contact information to Academic Accommodation Services within your course. At KUMC, students can call (913) 945-7035 to discuss accommodations.

  1. Caption or transcribe video and audio content.

  1. If you are adding images to your course, you must provide alternative (alt) text for the image. You need to be as descriptive as possible when describing the image so screen readers can tell the students what the image is of. Your description should ue 5-15 words. Here are a couple of examples of how to properly label an image versus lacking description:
    • Lacking: “man”
    • Detailed: “Director of HR Initiatives Fritz Achen”

    • Lacking: “building”
    • Detailed: “An aerial view of Kirmayer fitness center”

  1. Do not use color to convey meaning. If you make all important dates a specific color, it will not be accessible to students who are color blind.

  1. To check Microsoft Word documents for accessibility errors, go to File > (Info) Inspect Document/Check for Issues > Check Accessibility. This will inspect your document and notify you of any accessibility errors.

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