Friday, September 9, 2016

Camtasia Relay is now TechSmith Relay

On May 16th TLT upgraded the Camtasia Relay system to Version 5.0.7. You can read more about the upgrade on the Camtasia Relay Upgrade blog post.

By now, you may have noticed that the Camtasia Relay icon is gone from your computer. Or if you search for Camtasia Relay under the start menu it does not appear to be installed on your computer.

You may be used to seeing this icon on your desktop:
Camtasia Relay logo.

 With the upgrade, you will now need to look for TechSmith Relay on your computer. The icon for TechSmith Relay is a red square with a white 'R' in the middle. It will look like this on your desktop:

TechSmith Relay icon.
 If you would like to learn more about TechSmith Relay, please visit the Podcasting and Lecture Capture webpage.

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