Friday, September 9, 2016

Blackboard FAQ: Dates in the Calendar

Blackboard's Calendar is a great tool for students to see due dates for all their courses in one calendar. More and more students are depending on this information to help plan their study schedule. But, there are few things instructors need to know to help make this tool effective for students.

  1. If you do not add a due date, it will not populate in the Calendar. So, to make sure your Course Calendar matches the dates you establish in your syllabus/schedule at the beginning of the semester, then you need to set a due date for each assessment in the course. Even handed-in papers can have a due date set.
  2. Availability windows do not show in the Calendar. If you have a module set to open on Monday and close on Friday, that information is not added to the calendar. Only Due Dates and specific dates you add to the Calendar are populated in the calendar.
  3. You can manually add Class Events to the Calendar. Watch this video on how to do this.
  4. The Calendar you see is not the same Calendar your students see. Since each user has a different set of enrollments, each Calendar view is unique to the user. Also, each user can modify their view of their Calendar to personalize it to their needs. So, be aware of this.
  5. Refrain from Due Dates of 11:59pm (End of Day) due times. If a student is viewing their calendar in the "Day" or "Weekly" layout, the 11:59pm due time does not show well in the calendar. (Monthy is fine.) In the example below, there are three assessments due at 11:59pm on Sunday night, but you cannot clearly see them in the calendar. You would need to move up an hour or back an hour to prevent it.
More information on using the Calendar feature of Blackboard can be found here.

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