Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Interactive Video Quizzing

Instructors want to engage students in content. One popular method is through video. Instructors have created video through lecture capture and voice-over PowerPoint. There are many tips that you can apply to your video creations that will improve this resource's educational impact. A previous TLT blog post highlights many of them. In this blog post, I would to highlight interactive video quizzing.

With interactive video quizzing, quiz questions appear during the viewing of the video to check for understanding before moving on. Research in this area shows that adding quizzes throughout a video presentation "reduces mind wandering, increases task-relevant behaviors such as note taking, boosts learning, and also improves calibration between predicted and actual performance," (Schacter and Szpunar, 2015). However, adding this engaging and interactive feature does take some additional time and effort. Fortunately, the tools available are becoming easier to use.

The Free Options

There are a number of products available to make these video interlaced with quizzes. Many of them require that you post your videos to YouTube or another video hosting site first, then the software overlays the quizzing features. These are fast and free, but do not integrate quiz scores into an LMS, like Blackboard, and usually mean you have to have your video set to public to access it. Here are a few to try.

A free site provided by MIT offers a number of interactive tools for eLearning including video quizzes. You can upload video files to this site, but they have to be relatively small. H5p also has additional elearning tools you may find of interest.

Another free site to develop video quizzes. Edpuzzle allows you to use only what you need from any video, insert audio notes or record over a video with your voice, and add questions at any point in the video and track your students' understanding.

HapYak allows you to add text, links and image overlays to your videos. You can also easily annotate your YouTube and Vimeo videos and create quizzes using multiple choice and free-text questions. it also lets you draw on your videos, share commentaries and link to any specific moment in the video.


Another free online tool for adding quizzing to videos.

PowerPoint Mix

Microsoft is always putting out upgrades to their products. Mix allows you to add interactivity with video and quizzing to your PowerPoint files. It also hosts the files for you so you can share and track usage.

If YouTube is hosting your video already, you can add functionality to make the video like a quiz. The Knewton Blog provides a tutorial on how to do this, but it is time intense.

The Paid Tools Options

There are a number of paid elearning tools available to develop interactive video quizzing. The benefit of going this direction is that many of the tools export the video quiz as a SCORM package (or similar) that can be uploaded to Blackboard so that you can track usage and/or score the videos quizzes and automatically add the scores to the grade center. TLT uses Camtasia Studio 8 and Adobe Captivate 9. Articulate Storyline 2 is the other popular tool for developing these interactive videos. Captivate and Articular also allow for the development of other elearning activities. I would suggest downloading a 30-day trial for any of these tools before buying to see if it is the right tool for you. Also, KUMC purchasing can get you some great deals on the software if you are interested.


Schacter, Daniel L.; Szpunar, Karl K. Enhancing attention and memory during video-recorded lectures. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology, Vol 1(1), Mar 2015, 60-71.

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