Monday, August 1, 2016

Blackboard FAQ: How can I know that my students watched my lecture video to the end?

You put so much time into developing a quality video lecture that you know students need to watch to the end. Is there a way a tell if they watched the whole video?

With KUMC's current Blackboard and Video Management systems, the answer is NO. We currently have no way to track who has seen the videos or if they viewed the entire video. TLT is looking into other video management systems that may offer this feature. So, it may be possible in the future. As of now, there are measures you can put in place today to help check for understanding and provide a way to check to see if they watch the entire video.

Implement a Quiz after the Video

If you create a short Blackboard Test whose answers depend on content delivered in the video lecture, then you are putting a tool in place to increase video viewing. This shouldn't be a high-stakes test. Just a short quiz that ensures they watch the video. To increase the completion of both the video and the quiz, you can set up an Adaptive Release rule that will release new content ONLY IF a student achieves a certain score on the quiz. By using the Adaptive Release method, you do not have give points for these review quizzes. Rather, you use the quizzes as a gateway to additional content such as an assignment or test that does have an impact on the student's grade.

If you have futher questions about this process or would like assistance setting this up, please contact the TLT office at 913-588-7107 or email

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