Monday, August 15, 2016

Beller Update

Beller Update by Michael Ciolek - TLT Media

EIKI high output DLP projector

Like saying farewell to that obnoxious friend that always borrowed your tools, we finally sent the nearly 10 year old video/audio/control system in the Beller Conference Center down the road this spring.  The most visible improvement was the installation of five new EIKI high output DLP projectors.   

The two full sized racks in the control room.

 These are commercial/professional models with enough lumens (light output) to look great in virtually any lighting configuration.  In the control room, the back end equipment has been reduced from three full sized racks down to only two.  

BiAmp Tesira Amplifier

They are filled with high quality Crestron switching systems and high definition display and recording capability.  Audio reliability and quality are enhanced with BiAmp Tesira components. Room combining configuration which used to be done manually is now accomplished automatically by sensing the position of the moveable walls. 

Moveable wall sensors within Beller.
The entire system is more robust and flexible.  In addition, we have added the option of attractive wood and acrylic presenter’s stands for high profile events such as those featuring the Governor, Legislators, or other news-worthy dignitaries.  

Presenter stand for high profile events.

 To facilitate those events we now have the capability of controlling the system from a less visible vantage point via a wireless touch screen panel.  We would like to express our gratitude to Steffani Webb and the other Executive Officers for helping make this happen.  We can now use our chewing gum and duct tape for purposes other than keeping the Beller Conference Center up and running.

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