Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Classroom Update

TLT-Media just can’t leave well enough alone. In addition to upgrading 1/4th of our classroom computers in compliance with our 4 year replacement cycle, we have now installed 16:9 projectors and flat monitors with High-Definition HDMI capability in almost all of our classrooms and meeting rooms.  Lied Auditorium got a new SpaceSaver lectern to free up some real estate in the front and add some much needed practicality.  Just outside Lied in the Hixson Atrium, much requested electrical outlets have been added to satisfy the needs of the Community Blood Bank and various vendor shows.
Speaking of electricity, 2035 Delp got a shot in the arm with more electric receptacles around the room.  Device battery life is improving, but convenient places to charge up mid-day are still welcome.
IR/HIM had a complete re-engineering of the AV structure in 1008 Taylor with an under-carpet electric distribution product called THREAD.  They have wireless transmission to the new projector via a Barco ClickShare device so the clutter and trip hazards of wires and cables is virtually eliminated.  There is also a Smart Technologies KAPP digital capture and re-transmission dry erase board.

For a couple of years we have been working with Cynthia Ukoko in the Office of Accommodations.We have installed wireless FM transmitters in Rieke and Wahl East auditoriums for use with cochlear implants to help those with hearing loss have better access to instructors’ lessons.  We have now designed and purchased a multi-microphone portable system to use in any operating suite which will enable up to three people to have their speech transcribed into text and displayed on a monitor in the OR.  The Med student will now see what is being said or asked by the surgeon and his staff, something very difficult to accomplish in the midst of the noises of a typical OR procedure.  

As always, here is the “file as work-in-progress” project report.  The biggest work in progress is the new Health Education Building (HEB).  When completed in 2017 it will house learning studios for the School of Health Professionals, The School of Nursing, and the School of Medicine.  The technology bid process is being delayed until later this year to ensure it will include the newest available products.

Until the next time, study hard, teach well, and have fun.

- Michael Ciolek 
TLT - Media

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