Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bringing the HoloLens to KUMC

Recently, Dr. Wen Liu, Associate Professor in Physical Therapy & Rehab, and Sonny Painter, Educational Technologist, put together a grant proposal and was adwarded first access to a highly anticpated technology, the Microsoft Hololens. We will hopely receive this device in a couple of months. The possiblities for this device in research and medical education are endless.

As a case in point, Case Western Reserve University partnered with Microsoft to develop its first medical education example. As you can see in the video, providing 3D interactive examples can bring a whole new learning experience to students and faculty.

One of the cool possibilities of the Hololens is the ability to provide additional digital content on the exisiting world. This is known as augmented reality (AR). Augmented Reality is different from Virtual Reality (VR). AR supplements the real world, whereas VR merely replaces the real world with a simulation. TLT was been experimenting with both AR and VR. For AR, there are devices like Google Glass or smartphone appps like Aurasma. For VR, we have explored the Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and created worlds in Second Life. The Hololens will bring with it new opportunities to educate, research, and explore our world.

If any KUMC faculty or staff member is interested in experiencing any of these technologies, please visit with Sonny Painter ( for a demo.

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