Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Blackboard Feature called Qwickly

On Friday November 20th you will see a new feature on your homepage in Blackboard. This feature is called Qwickly. For instructors this has several features that are useful. The main feature is that you can turn your courses on and off directly from the homepage of Blackboard. To do this simply click on the radio button and this will turn it on or off.

Qwickly also has a few more features. Instructors have the ability to post announcements to all their courses at once directly from the homepage. Simply create your announcement and then select the courses on the left that you want it to be posted to.

Instructors can also email all individuals in a course at once from the homepage. Write the email and like the announcements select the courses on the left. 

These two features are great for email/announcing the same message to multiple courses all at once. 

Qwickly also has a needs grading feature. Simply click on it and it will open up all your needs grading. You can click on the link and it will take you to the needs grading for that course.

Students also have an email feature that allows them to email their instructors from the homepage. Much like the instructor feature except the emails only go to all instructors of the selected courses. Just like the instructor email if you want to send an email to an individual you will need to go to the course and use the email feature there.

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