Friday, November 20, 2015

Scheduled Blackboard Maintenance (11/21)

Due to an issue in Blackboard we will be restarting the Blackboard servers this evening, Friday November 21st starting at 12:01 AM - 1 AM. Do not start anything in Blackboard that you cannot finish before that time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tools for Video Practice & Assessment: ApprenNet & YouSeeU

Assessing student skills and providing opportunities for meaningful practice of these skills can sometimes be a challenge in an online course environment. In medical education especially, there are many skills that students must be able to demonstrate their competency in that might not always be best assessed through traditional paper assignments or exams. ApprenNet and YouSeeU are two tools that offer students the ability to practice or demonstrate their mastery of practical skills through asynchronous video recordings, which can be reviewed and assessed by instructors and peers. These tools can allow for the practice and assessment of practical skills without a student even stepping into a classroom.

ApprenNet is an online tool that focuses on providing students with opportunities to practice and improve real world skills through video responses that can be reviewed by their instructors and peers. Instructors can create "challenge" videos that propose a scenario, task, or question that they would like students to address. Students can then record their response to the "challenge" via their computer or mobile device, and upload it to the system. Their responses can be reviewed by instructors and peers, who can both provide feedback via a rubric or written comments. Students can review their feedback and scores, as well as examples of expert responses uploaded by the instructor. There are also opportunities for students to reflect upon their own submissions after viewing expert responses.

If you would like to learn more about ApprenNet, we recommend consulting their website for more information. Their website also contains some very interesting case studies, including ones in healthcare,  that can provide more insights on how their product can be used.
YouSeeU is an online tool that offers similar functionality as ApprenNet, along with other asynchronous and synchronous video activities. Our Health and Information Management department is currently using this tool to administer online oral exams for their medical terminology course through YouSeeU's Q & A activity. The Q & A activity allows for instructors to pose a written or recorded question, and then students can respond to the prompt by recording their own video submission, which can be reviewed and assessed by peers and instructors. YouSeeU has the ability to replicate a high stakes environment by giving the option of forcing student recordings to start immediately upon viewing of the instructor question. YouSeeU also offers video presentation activities, conversation activities, and synchronous meeting activities similar to Adobe Connect.

YouSeeU's knowledge base has several videos that you can view to learn more about their system. Like ApprenNet, their website also contains case studies on uses of their product that can provide you with more information on how other institutions are using their system.

If you believe either of these tools might be useful for your department, please contact TLT for more information. Our department would be glad to share additional insights about the products, as well as assist with scheduling demos of the products for your department.

New Blackboard Feature called Qwickly

On Friday November 20th you will see a new feature on your homepage in Blackboard. This feature is called Qwickly. For instructors this has several features that are useful. The main feature is that you can turn your courses on and off directly from the homepage of Blackboard. To do this simply click on the radio button and this will turn it on or off.

Qwickly also has a few more features. Instructors have the ability to post announcements to all their courses at once directly from the homepage. Simply create your announcement and then select the courses on the left that you want it to be posted to.

Instructors can also email all individuals in a course at once from the homepage. Write the email and like the announcements select the courses on the left. 

These two features are great for email/announcing the same message to multiple courses all at once. 

Qwickly also has a needs grading feature. Simply click on it and it will open up all your needs grading. You can click on the link and it will take you to the needs grading for that course.

Students also have an email feature that allows them to email their instructors from the homepage. Much like the instructor feature except the emails only go to all instructors of the selected courses. Just like the instructor email if you want to send an email to an individual you will need to go to the course and use the email feature there.

Monday, November 2, 2015

KUMC Exemplar Courses: Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 12 noon - 1 pm, B012 Nursing

Norb Belz (SHP-HIM), Won Choi (SoM-MPH), David Martin (SoN), Rose O’Dell (SHP-HIM):

Several programs are standardizing their Blackboard coursesites with consistent design, format, organization, and content. In this Exemplar Courses session, we’ll learn from three programs that are developing more consistency among their coursesites. Come learn the why, what, and how of their work, as well as outcomes, challenges, and future plans.

Lunch will be provided to the first 20 attendees. No RSVP is needed. Questions? Contact Dave Antonacci (x8-7144) in TLT.