Friday, August 7, 2015


From Left: Lauren Mathiott (SON eSS), April Robbs (SOM eSS),
Kelsie Nunnally (SHP eSS) and Nellie Modaress (SON Liason.)
Last week, TLT staff attended the Summer Institute on Distance Learning and Instructional Technology (SIDLIT) at Johnson County Community College. SIDLIT is an annual technology conference that includes presentations, discussion groups, and demonstrations for educators and distance learning support staff.  

TLT staff has presented multiple times throughout the years and this year KUMC had representation from TLT, SOM and SON.  Sonny Painter presented on "Presentations with Panache: Using Aurasma Studio.” His presentation provided suggestions for adding interactivity to presentations with technology. Dr. Mark Eaton and Christina Magnifico from the SOM presented on "Facilitating Changed in Medical Education."  They highlighted how the KU School of Medicine is integrating Office 365 sites and the OneNote class notebook creator app to transform medical education into an active, competency-based curriculum. The SON faculty presented with Julie Zimmerman on “The Best of the Best: Posting Student Journal Clubs in PubMed.” They shared how faculty can use PubMed to highlight student journal clubs, encourage scholarly writing, and participate in a public, professional discussion.

The keynote this year focused on increasing engagement and networking in the content areas through a new teaching system that combines a learning management system (like Blackboard) with social networking (like Facebook.)  Other topics discussed were how to engage students with presentations and videos, digital badging for students and faculty, and new and upcoming technologies in higher education. 

Highlights from these sessions include:
  • Too much information in a presentation can prevent students from applying it.  Make your presentations short and include memorable narrative. 
  • Many students are visual learners in today's classrooms.  To help them synthesize and understand information, it is a good practice to incorporate graphics, videos and other multimedia into your teaching.
  • Mozilla Open Badge can be integrated into Blackboard.  Badges can be used to track student or faculty training attendance and skill competencies and to share them with colleagues, students and potential employers.  
  • The Horizon Report for Higher Education projects a timeline for institutions to implement the following new and upcoming technologies:
    • 1 year or less: BYOD and flipped classroom environments
    • 2-3 years: Maker Spaces and wearable technology
    • 4-5 years: wireless power, flexible displays and more adaptive learning technologies
TLT had a great time presenting, learning, and networking! See you in 2016, SIDLIT!

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