Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Classroom Improvements

Touch-sensitive, widescreen monitors in TLT classrooms.
Article written by Mike Ciolek
Photos by Robert Eastman
Very few things stand still in Information Resources, and TLT-Media are really movers and shakers.  
  This past summer, we installed 16:9 aspect ratio computer monitors in most of our classrooms and auditoria.  This is the wide screen format familiar to you who have some kind of plasma or LED TV in your home. Here is the big plus, they are touch sensitive, just like a smartphone or tablet.  They can even sense multi-touch like pinch, zoom, and swipe.  And you can annotate on them using just your finger and the PowerPoint embedded annotation widget.
If you display the legacy 4:3 ratio PowerPoint or other media presentations, they will still work, but will have black bars down both sides both on the computer monitor and the new 16:9 projectors and LED classroom monitors.   Check out Microsoft’s help page to learn more about changing the ratio in PowerPoint.
New study carrels in Orr Major.

Our open learning spaces are becoming more useful and attractive with the addition of upgraded study carrels on the first floor balcony in Orr Major.  Check them out if you need a private enclave to study for that next quiz.

New document cameras.
We have also brought the visual presenter/document camera/ELMO into the digital age with the installation of ELMO’s latest tricked out version.  They can do much more than there is time to talk about in this newsletter, however if you would like familiarization with their capabilities, please contact .  These will be installed in our larger learning venues, but will also be available as a deliverable when necessary to our other classrooms.
As always, here is the “file as work-in-progress” project report.  We have 16:9 HDMI projectors on order for the few remaining classrooms that have not received them.  We are also identifying which classrooms still need their share of new 3-year-cycle computer upgrades.
Study hard, teach well, and have fun this fall semester.

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