Monday, April 27, 2015

Annoucing New Document Cameras (ELMOs): Coming to our TLT-Media Classrooms

Most of our current document cameras, also called “ELMOs”, are 10-15 years old, outdated, or obsolete. They lack needed video inputs, outputs, and resolution to integrate with our current classroom technology. We’re very excited to upgrade and replace these systems!
We don’t want to disrupt year-end classes, so most replacements will occur after the semester ends, but we are replacing a few of the worst systems now. When this project is completed, all TLT-Media large/tiered classrooms and auditoriums will have our new documents cameras, except for Sudler and WHW Auditoriums which already have new/special-use cameras. (See the complete room list at the end of this email.) Also, documents cameras will be removed from all TLT-Media small classrooms, but document cameras will be available by request if you need one in a small classroom—either as a one-day request or for the entire semester. Just contact TLT-Media at x8-7326 or
Our new model is the ELMO TT-12iD. It is “the is the next generation document camera in the popular TT-12 series”. The TT-12iD capabilities include 96x zoom (12x optical and 8x digital), AutoFocus, multi-directional camera positions, and HDMI with pass-through for direct connection to your laptop. Plus, it works through a built-in web camera, so you can record your camera output, as well as take and mark-up static images for later use.
This project also standardizes document cameras in all our rooms, so you now only need to learn how to use one model—plus, our support and maintenance is much easier. We will be including training for using these new cameras in our Classroom Technology training sessions offered each Fall semester, but if you’d like training now, we can arrange short one-on-one or departmental training. Here are a couple of short videos explaining and demonstrating the TT-12iD features and operation:
Here’s the list of rooms that will have a new document camera permanently installed, but you always can request a camera for our other rooms if needed:

   5 Auditoriums:
  • Clendening Auditorium
  • G013 Nursing
  • Lied Auditorium
  • Rieke Auditorium
  • Wahl East Auditorium
   8 Large/Tiered Classrooms:
  • 1014 Orr Major
  • 1015 Orr Major
  • 1023 Orr Major
  • 1025 Orr Major
  • 1027 Orr Major
  • 1050 Nursing
  • 2035 Delp
  • 3001 Miller
This project has been on our list for several years. Thanks again for your patience and support as we continue improving our learning spaces.
Please contact Dave Antonacci (x8-7144) with questions, comments, or concerns.

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