Tuesday, March 17, 2015

KUMC Exemplar Courses: Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 12 noon - 1 pm, 1014 Orr Major

Please join us for another session in which KUMC faculty demonstrate how they are using technology in their courses and projects. In this session, see…

Michael Parmely and Doug Adams – SOM Graduate Course on Teaching in Higher Education (MICR 805)
A new graduate course in the Department of Microbiology provides an introduction to becoming an effective and professional teacher in a higher education setting. This course was recently expanded to include review of primary literature, and a workshop version is being developed for basic science faculty and postdoctoral fellows.

Wendy Hildenbrand, Dory Sabata, and Dave Antonacci – 3D Printing in Occupational Therapy Education
One of the expectations for Occupational Therapy Education accreditation is that students are prepared to “fabricate” assistive technology. To help meet this expectation, Dory and Wendy invited Dave Antonacci from TLT to demonstrate 3D printing to their students in OCTH 422: Analysis and Adaptation and OCTH 755: Issues and Trends. Increasingly 3D printing has applications for splinting, adaptive devices, and medical technologies. Additionally, 3D printing raises questions regarding pragmatic use, safety, and ethical issues for discussion with students. This introduction may suggest some possibilities for adding 3D printing to your program as well.

No RSVP is needed. Questions? Contact Dave Antonacci (x8-7144) in TLT.

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