Monday, March 16, 2015

Adobe Connect Upgrade

A planned upgrade on May 18, 2015, will have Adobe Connect moving from version 9.0 to 9.4. So, what does this upgrade entail? Below is a list of some of the improvements. Click on the link for more information.
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Improved Video Pod (Filmstrip Mode)

Now there is the brand new filmstrip view for the video pod. A presenter or host in the Adobe Connect room can choose between the filmstrip view or the grid view. They can also determine which camera should should be highlighted as the main video feed.


The video pod has a number of other improvements as well. For example, there’s a new fullscreen mode which is able to provide a true video conferencing experience and removes the other elements from the meeting. Hosts and presenters can now force their view on all participants ensuring that everyone is seeing the video pod in fullscreen. Also, using the filmstrip mode improves bandwidth for all users by making smaller and fewer participant videos. For a demonstration of this feature, watch the following video.

Screen Sharing Improvements

Screen sharing is the most common activity in an Adobe Connect room.  A new screen sharing control panel has been added that enables someone who is sharing their screen to see a preview of what’s being shared, control the video and the audio in the meeting, manage participants, interact with chat as well as see and respond to any notifications.

Screen Sharing Palette

The screen sharing control panel is launched automatically, but it is only seen by the individual who is screen sharing and it can be moved around to ensure it’s not blocking any content. Customers who prefer a full-size preview on a second monitor can click the arrow in the top-left corner to return to the meeting and use the old method. You’ll never have to ask “Can you see my screen?” again. You can see a video of the screen sharing control panel here.

In addition to the new screen sharing control panel, this upgrade makes it easier to determine what is about to be shared. When you choose to share your screen, you’re now given a preview of what you’re about to share. For example, on the Desktop tab, you can see which screen you’ll be sharing if you have two monitors. On the Windows and Applications tabs, you’ll see a preview of all of the different applications and documents that are available. You can select one or more of these. Even better – once you start your screen share, Adobe Connect will automatically highlight what is being broadcast in the meeting.

Screen Sharing Preview

Life-like Whiteboard

Improved tools for drawing and annotating have been added to – like new pen and pencil tools that join improved marker and highlighter. You’ll also see a brand new color picker and the ability to arrange layers.
Users can now use their virtual whiteboard the same way they would use a physical whiteboard in a classroom. When combined with a mobile device, it makes for an easy way to write equations or notes.

Updated Mobile App

The improved mobile app allows or hosting from a mobile device with enhanced drawing and annotation tools. Adobe Connect Mobile 2.3 is now available for free download on iTunes here, and the Google Play Store here.

Outlook Add-in

The Outlook add-in for Adobe Connect offers an extremely easy way of managing your Adobe Connect meeting room from the most familiar and the most used interface – MS Outlook client. No more the need to remember your meeting details for inviting participants or the need to go the web portal to manage your meeting rooms. All of this can be achieved from within the familiar Outlook client.

In this video here, Alistair demos how easily you can manage all your meeting room using the Add-in. He also shows how to use the Add-in to create customized invites for Adobe Connect meetings from your Outlook client itself.

It can be downloaded from the Downloads and Updates page.

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