Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Course Evaluation Tool to be Implemented Spring 2015

Course evaluations are an important part of evaluating our academic programs at KUMC and ensuring that we are providing quality educational experiences to students. Starting in Spring 2015, School of Health Professions and School of Nursing will be implementing a new tool for administering course evaluations, EvaluationKIT.

EvaluationKIT is a web-based course evaluation tool that will further automate the process of administrating course evaluations, as well as readily give administrators and faculty access to course evaluation response rates and results while maintaining student anonymity. Using its Blackboard integration, students will receive reminders to complete course evaluations within Blackboard, and will be able to complete the evaluations within the Blackboard system.

School of Health Professions will be implementing the system for all of its course evaluations in Spring 2015, while School of Nursing will be implementing the system for graduate course evaluations in Spring 2015.

If you are interested in learning more about EvaluationKIT, please contact Kelsie Nunnally at knunnally2@kumc.edu.

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