Friday, January 23, 2015

Blog and Website Recommendations From TLT Staff

Following blogs or websites can be a great way to keep up-to-date on the latest trends and news in educational technology and teaching & learning. There are some great resources out there on the web, but finding these can sometimes be difficult.

To get you started, here are some recommended blogs and websites from our very own TLT staff:

April Robbs, eLearning Support Specialist for The School of Medicine

The Daily Riff:

"This blog searches for articles and opinions about education and posts them in short summaries that make it easy to stay atop educational news and thoughts."

Doug Adams, Educational Technology Liaison for The School of Medicine

The Chronicle of Higher Education blogs:

"The Chronicle has a number of interesting blogs. The news blog 'Data Points' reports on analysis of data, while 'Wired Campus' has news about technology and education. The opinion blog 'ProfHacker' is all about how to use technology to improve pedagogy and productivity. And finally I love exploring 'Lingua Franca', which focuses on language and grammar in academic writing. All of these blogs can be found at The Chronicle of Higher Education."

Kelsie Nunnally, eLearning Support Specialist for The School of Health Professions

SHIFT's eLearning Blog:

"SHIFT's blog provides some great tips for designing online courses and eLearning materials. I especially like that many of the posts focus on learner engagement and best practices in instructional design. Although it may seem that the blog is geared more toward instructional designers, I believe that it can be just as relevant to online instructors."

Lauren Mathiott, eLearning Support Specialist for The School of Nursing

The Verge:

"I like the Verge because I love the tech news and keeping up with the latest products. They have great articles like “Phones Aren’t Just For Selfies” or videos about the latest trends."

Sonny Painter, Educational Technology Liaison for The School of Health Professions

Technology 4 Learners and Teachers:

"T4LT is an informational video podcast showcasing technological and pedagogical innovations in education produced out of Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They provide some nice reviews with some applications in education and add some funny, geeky humor as well."

We hope you find these resources as helpful as we do, and we'd love to hear about any blogs or websites that you follow. If you'd like to share, please post links to your favorite blogs or websites in the comments section.

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