Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blackboard Online Attendance Tool

If you would like to track attendance within Blackboard, follow this tutorial on how to use this tool.

Setting Up Course Dates for Attendance

  1. Select Online Attendance from the Course Tools section of the Course Management Menu.
  2. Select the Dates Setup button from the button row near the top of the page.
  3. Set the dates the Course Begins on and that the Course Ends on from the drop down menus:
  4. Select the days of the week the class meets on by checking the radio button to the left of the day.
  5. Select whether or not you want non-students to be visible by checking the radio button to the right of the text Hide non-students.
  6. Click on the Save Setting Changes button to save the settings you have set.

Taking Attendance by Student Name

  1. Select Online Attendance from the Course Tools section of the Course Management Menu.
  2.  Select the date you wish to set attendance from for the drop down date in the grey bar. Only dates that have passed will be visible.
  3. For each student, you will want to set their attendance. The default is set to P, which is suggested to be used for Present.
    Possible options include:
    Suggested Meaning

Getting an Attendance Report

  1. Click Export on the main button bar.
  2. Save or export the Excel file.
  3. This Excel file will contain your attendance records.

Adding Attendance to Grade Center

This cannot be done automatically. You will need to run an attendance report (above). Then, manually create a column in the Grade Center. Finally, you will have to manually enter your grades from the report into the Grade Center column. The purpose of this tool is to track and not grade.

OPTIONAL (Seating Chart)

You can set up an seating chart if your students all have assigned seats. You can attempt playing with this feature, or contact TLT if you need further assistance assigning seats.

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