Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Blackboard Upgrade January 4th and 5th

Blackboard will be unavailable starting at 6AM on Monday January 4th and will not be available until 6PM on Tuesday January 5th. During this time Blackboard will be upgraded to a new version. No content will be lost during the upgrade. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

UPDATE: The Blackboard upgrade has been completed and Blackboard is now available to for all users. Please let TLT know if you encounter any issues. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

REMINDER: ExamSoft Will Be Unavailable January 2-3

ExamSoft will be conducting maintenance on their servers from Saturday, January 2 at 1 PM Central until Sunday, January 3 at 12 PM Central.  During this time, all ExamSoft products and services will be unavailable.

While KUMC has no ExamSoft exams scheduled for this time, please be aware that you will be unable to login to the ExamSoft web portal to view reports, write questions or create assessments during this 23 hour period.

Friday, December 18, 2015

ScheduAll Maintenance Friday December 18, 2-4pm

ScheduAll (including web reports) may be unavailable for periods of time between 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Friday, December 18 as we perform database maintenance.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ExamSoft Maintenance January 2-3

ExamSoft will be conducting maintenance on their servers from Saturday, January 2 at 1 PM Central until Sunday, January 3 at 12 PM Central.  During this time, all ExamSoft products and services will be unavailable.

While KUMC has no ExamSoft exams scheduled for this time, please be aware that you will be unable to login to the ExamSoft web portal to view reports, write questions or create assessments during this 23 hour period.

Monday, December 14, 2015

KUMC Login Issues (12/14)

KUMC is currently experiencing login issues with multiple systems. Blackboard is also affected by this issue. We will post an announcement when it is resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Update: The login issue has been resolved and Blackboard if functioning normally again.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Emergency Blackboard Restart Completed

Both Blackboard servers were restarted between 11:45 am-12:30 pm today, December 8 to resolve reported issues affecting some services.  These restarts were performed one at a time so Blackboard was never completely unavailable but it is possible users were temporarily impacted if they happened to be on that server when the restart began.

Both servers are back to normal and the reported issues have been resolved.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Slow System Performance - 12/4/15 7:30-8:30 am

Multiple systems on campus, including Blackboard and Adobe Connect,  experienced slower than normal performance between approximately 7:30 am and 8:30 am this morning, Friday December 4.

This issue has been resolved and performance since 8:30 am has returned to normal response times.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Scheduled Blackboard Maintenance (11/21)

Due to an issue in Blackboard we will be restarting the Blackboard servers this evening, Friday November 21st starting at 12:01 AM - 1 AM. Do not start anything in Blackboard that you cannot finish before that time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tools for Video Practice & Assessment: ApprenNet & YouSeeU

Assessing student skills and providing opportunities for meaningful practice of these skills can sometimes be a challenge in an online course environment. In medical education especially, there are many skills that students must be able to demonstrate their competency in that might not always be best assessed through traditional paper assignments or exams. ApprenNet and YouSeeU are two tools that offer students the ability to practice or demonstrate their mastery of practical skills through asynchronous video recordings, which can be reviewed and assessed by instructors and peers. These tools can allow for the practice and assessment of practical skills without a student even stepping into a classroom.

ApprenNet is an online tool that focuses on providing students with opportunities to practice and improve real world skills through video responses that can be reviewed by their instructors and peers. Instructors can create "challenge" videos that propose a scenario, task, or question that they would like students to address. Students can then record their response to the "challenge" via their computer or mobile device, and upload it to the system. Their responses can be reviewed by instructors and peers, who can both provide feedback via a rubric or written comments. Students can review their feedback and scores, as well as examples of expert responses uploaded by the instructor. There are also opportunities for students to reflect upon their own submissions after viewing expert responses.

If you would like to learn more about ApprenNet, we recommend consulting their website for more information. Their website also contains some very interesting case studies, including ones in healthcare,  that can provide more insights on how their product can be used.
YouSeeU is an online tool that offers similar functionality as ApprenNet, along with other asynchronous and synchronous video activities. Our Health and Information Management department is currently using this tool to administer online oral exams for their medical terminology course through YouSeeU's Q & A activity. The Q & A activity allows for instructors to pose a written or recorded question, and then students can respond to the prompt by recording their own video submission, which can be reviewed and assessed by peers and instructors. YouSeeU has the ability to replicate a high stakes environment by giving the option of forcing student recordings to start immediately upon viewing of the instructor question. YouSeeU also offers video presentation activities, conversation activities, and synchronous meeting activities similar to Adobe Connect.

YouSeeU's knowledge base has several videos that you can view to learn more about their system. Like ApprenNet, their website also contains case studies on uses of their product that can provide you with more information on how other institutions are using their system.

If you believe either of these tools might be useful for your department, please contact TLT for more information. Our department would be glad to share additional insights about the products, as well as assist with scheduling demos of the products for your department.

New Blackboard Feature called Qwickly

On Friday November 20th you will see a new feature on your homepage in Blackboard. This feature is called Qwickly. For instructors this has several features that are useful. The main feature is that you can turn your courses on and off directly from the homepage of Blackboard. To do this simply click on the radio button and this will turn it on or off.

Qwickly also has a few more features. Instructors have the ability to post announcements to all their courses at once directly from the homepage. Simply create your announcement and then select the courses on the left that you want it to be posted to.

Instructors can also email all individuals in a course at once from the homepage. Write the email and like the announcements select the courses on the left. 

These two features are great for email/announcing the same message to multiple courses all at once. 

Qwickly also has a needs grading feature. Simply click on it and it will open up all your needs grading. You can click on the link and it will take you to the needs grading for that course.

Students also have an email feature that allows them to email their instructors from the homepage. Much like the instructor feature except the emails only go to all instructors of the selected courses. Just like the instructor email if you want to send an email to an individual you will need to go to the course and use the email feature there.

Monday, November 2, 2015

KUMC Exemplar Courses: Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 12 noon - 1 pm, B012 Nursing

Norb Belz (SHP-HIM), Won Choi (SoM-MPH), David Martin (SoN), Rose O’Dell (SHP-HIM):

Several programs are standardizing their Blackboard coursesites with consistent design, format, organization, and content. In this Exemplar Courses session, we’ll learn from three programs that are developing more consistency among their coursesites. Come learn the why, what, and how of their work, as well as outcomes, challenges, and future plans.

Lunch will be provided to the first 20 attendees. No RSVP is needed. Questions? Contact Dave Antonacci (x8-7144) in TLT.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Using Elmo document stand in Adobe Connect sessions

April Robbs developed this procedure for using Elmo document stands in Adobe Connect sessions.

1. plug the Elmo into the computer and projector
2. on the Elmo's menu, make sure to select 'UVC' mode (preferences - USB Mode - UVC)
3. Log in to the Connect room
4. Select camera source to Elmo (uppper right hand menu in video pod)
5. Start the video
- to flip the screen, rotate the camera back & the arm 180 degrees (or on the menu select 'image rotation'.

1. Audio from headset only
2. 4 foot USB cord limits distance

To use ImageMate software the Elmo must be in 'Application' mode.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

ExamSoft – Reordering Questions on an Assessment

New Feature for ExamSoft – Reordering Questions on an Assessment

Previously to reorder your questions on an assessment in ExamSoft, you had to utilize the Order Column by typing in the number you wanted the question to be at and then click on the Reorder by Sort button, then save the assessment.  Then repeat as needed until you had the questions in the order desired.

Well reordering questions has become easier. ExamSoft has given “drag and drop” functionality to the add questions section when you are creating an assessment.

1.       Add all the questions you want on an assessment.
2.       Make sure the questions are sorted by number in the column entitled “Order” with 1 at the top, followed by 2, followed by 3, etc. 
3.       Reorder the questions by moving your cursor just to the left of the number box of the question you want to move. A series of small dots should appear [see images below].  Simply left click and drag the question to the placement you wish it to be in.
4.       The software will automatically re-number the questions.
5.       Once you have the questions in the order you want, simply click the save button at the bottom of the screen.

Monday, October 19, 2015

"Designing a Classroom Test" Presentation Now Available

If you happened to miss last week's excellent presentation by Tony Paolo, Director of Assessment and Evaluation, School of Medicine and Tim Doughty, Testing Center Coordinator, TLT, a recording is now available.

In it, Tony and Tim discuss best practices and other topics related to designing and recognizing effective exams. They also show how to use reports from our high-stakes testing system, ExamSoft, to improve the effectiveness of your tests.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Multiple Systems Slow (RESOLVED)

UPDATE:  This has been resolved as of approximately 9:25 am and performance across systems has returned to normal.

We are aware that multiple systems on-campus including Blackboard and Adobe Connect are running much slower than normal at the moment.  IR is working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your patience.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Emergency Blackboard Maintenance (October 12) - COMPLETED

We will be performing Emergency Maintenance to Blackboard on Monday October 12th from 6 to 10 AM. Blackboard will be unavailable during this time. Do not start anything in Blackboard that you cannot finish before 6 AM. 

UPDATE: The maintenance has been completed. We are aware of an issue with Blackboard running slowly. We are continuing to monitor this and will update when it is resolved.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

You are invited to Teaching & Learning Technologies' 8th Annual Open House!

Event: TLT Annual Open House
Location: 4016 Varnes Center (in School of Nursing Building)
When: Thursday, November 12th
Time: 1 pm - 4 pm
Phone: (913) 588-7107

Swing by anytime between 1 pm and 4 pm for snacks and conversation, meet the team behind the technology, sample some new instructional technologies, and see what’s coming!

See demonstrations of:
  • Solstice Wireless Projection System
  • Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e for room-sized webconferences (e.g. Adobe Connect, Zoom)
  • KAPP Digital Dry Erase Board
  • 25Live Room/Event Scheduling
  • Accessible/ADA Blackboard Content
  • New Blackboard Building Blocks: SafeAssign Plagiarism Prevention and Qwickly
  • New Classroom Technologies: ELMO TT-12iD Visual Presenter and Planar PCT2265 Multi-touch Monitor
  • EvaluationKIT Online Surveys and Course/Instructor Evaluations
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser for Blackboard Testing

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Camtasia Relay with OSX version 10.10.5 - records blank screen

Mac users please keep this issue in mind if you need to use Camtasia Relay:

Recording the screen looks fine, but after stopping the recording the preview window shows only a black screen and the cursor. The video will publish as black also.

Impacted OS
OSX 10.10.5

Techsmith is working on the problem and will let us know as soon as a fix is available.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

EvaluationKIT Integration with Blackboard Disabled

A recent issue with EvaluationKIT's integration with Blackboard has led us to disable this functionality until a solution is found. Both Blackboard and EvaluationKIT are working properly; we are only experiencing issues with the integration.

Users can still access EvaluationKIT by navigating to and logging in with their KUMC credentials.

Students and participants using EvaluationKIT will continue to receive emails with links to their surveys. Reports, however, will have to be accessed through the link above until further notice.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We will notify everyone once this issue is resolved. If you have any additional questions please contact Teaching and Learning Technologies at (913) 588-3678

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Blackboard Issues Saturday

Many users encountered an intermittent problem this morning which prevented them from logging onto Blackboard today, Saturday, September 12 between approximately 1:00 am and 1:00 pm.  Some users were able to login successfully and use Blackboard as normal while many others were unable to get past the login page.  The system was also completely down for brief periods within this window while TLT staff attempted to apply fixes to the login issue.

TLT believes we have isolated the cause and implemented a resolution but we will continue to monitor the situation closely and respond as necessary.  We apologize for the inconvenience caused to anyone who encountered this issue.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Designing a Classroom Test

Date/Time: Friday, October 16th from 12 noon - 1 pm

Location: 1101 Delp

Presenters: Tony Paolo, Director of Assessment and Evaluation, School of Medicine; Tim Doughty, Testing Center Coordinator, Teaching & Learning Technology

Description: This presentation will provide the main issues to consider when developing a classroom test including test blueprint, test specifications, item writing, test construction, and item analysis.

Bring your own lunch and learn with us. No RSVP needed.

Questions? Contact Dave Antonacci (x8-7144) in TLT.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Printing Options for Blackboard

The new semester has started and with that comes an abundance of course materials, syllabi and other information in Blackboard that instructors or students may want to print.  There is not currently a print feature in Blackboard, however, you do have a couple of printing options.

The first way is to copy and paste text from Blackboard into a Word document. Once the text is in Word (or another text editing software), you can print it.  This method is a little cumbersome, however it does allow you to format and edit the text before you print it.  Learn more about copy and pasting to print.

The second option is only available using Chrome.  This browser allows you to print a selected section of text.   

Here's how to print from Chrome:

1. Highlight the text you want to print and use the keyboard shortcut "control + p" on a PC or "command +p" on a Mac to print.

2. In the print menu, under "Options" you need to click "More Settings" check the box that says "selection only."

3. Chrome shows you a preview of your document so you can make sure all the needed text is selected. You are ready to print! 

If you need any assistance with Blackboard please contact TLT at 8-7107 or and we would be happy to help you!


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Universal Design in Blackboard Courses

This past year, faculty members involved with the Masters of Public Health (MPH) in the School of Medicine and the RN-to-BSN program in the School of Nursing met with TLT to create a plan to standardize online course offerings. This initiative began as an attempt to meet Quality Matters standards for course navigation, as well as to respond to student input from end-of-semester surveys indicating a need for organized course structures. 

This fall, a standard navigation panel was piloted in both the MPH and RN-BSN programs. All courses – including online, face-to-face, and hybrid – in these programs will have similar navigational structures (see image).

Screenshot of Blackboard navigation panel using new design

The START HERE section includes the syllabus, information about the instructor(s), and any other information about the course as a whole. All content for the course will be found in the Content section.

One major complaint from students was inconsistency of how course materials were organized in courses within a program. While some instructors organized their content into folders such as Lectures, Readings, and Assignments, other instructors grouped materials by unit or by each class session. In the RN-BSN program, course materials will be organized by Section and then modules while the MPH program will be organized by having weekly folders within the Content section. This way, students will know where to find all of the resources for a particular class session.

Links are also provided directly to the Course Reserves, Adobe Connect room, Discussions, and Groups tools, if the instructor chooses to use any of those resources. Additional links to Blackboard resources are also provided, as well as links to KUMC services for students.

The MPH program has also incorporated e-Portfolios into their program. As students complete assignments and projects that demonstrate mastery of requires skills, those items are added to their Blackboard Portfolios. They can share these portfolios with their instructors and advisors.