Thursday, September 4, 2014

Introducing ExamSoft

TLT is excited to introduce ExamSoft to KUMC.  ExamSoft is a market-leading computer-based assessment-management system that supports exam creation, administration, delivery, scoring and analysis. It offers many new features previously unavailable in LXR such as option strike-out, the ability to zoom in and out of attached images, and support for mobile devices.

ExamSoft will be used by selected incoming students during the current academic year.  Beginning Summer 2015, ExamSoft will completely replace LXR as the primary system for high-stakes testing in the CTC.

If you would like more information about Testing Services in general or ExamSoft in particular, please contact Tim Doughty ( at 8-1471, Ron Knight ( at 8-8655, or Phil Wilhauk ( at 8-7292.

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