Friday, September 5, 2014

Classroom Improvements and Updates - Fall 2014

Sometimes it seems like everything TLT Media does becomes a work-in-progress, but we are wrapping this one up.  The last of the chalk and board analog communication devices are coming down and new porcelain on steel dry erase boards put in their place.  Not only is the porcelain much more resistant to “ghosting”, but since it is magnetic, there is no need for dangerous pushpins or eco-wasteful tape.  Just post on the board using safe and green reusable magnets, kind of like mom’s refrigerator.

We have vastly improved 1.5C Orr-Major with the addition of newer, cleaner, more comfortable furniture graciously donated by Dykes Library during their renovation.  We also acquired some new learning community lounge chairs and tables.  Over the summer with the help of Facilities Management, all of the old mis-matched and worn out furniture was removed and the better furniture moved in.  If you don’t know where 1.5C Orr-Major is, it is the observation deck over the bookstore, half way between the first and second floor, hence 1.5C Orr-Major.  It should be a great place to watch the snow fall this winter.

OK, back to work-in-progress.  Over the next several months, we will be replacing most of our outdated 4:3 aspect ratio classroom PC monitors with 16:9 wide screen monitors to better reflect the image possible by the new wide screen capable projectors we are beginning to install.  But there is an added bonus, these will be touch sensitive monitors, so you can annotate, highlight, and do many other functions with just your finger.

On the invisible but oh-so-necessary side, we will also begin a replacement campaign of the outdated and prone to failure classroom control systems.  You will see the old, hard to use AMX controllers go away to be replaced by much sleeker and more sensitive Crestron glass faced control screens.
Some improvements are easy to see, others not so visible, but be assured, TLT Media is always striving to provide the very best Teaching and Learning Technology experience that we can.

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