Wednesday, August 27, 2014

HEIM 501: Information Resources for Health Professions

Information Resources (IR) has teamed with the Health Information Management (HIM) department to create and teach HEIM 501: Information Resources for Health Professions, a required online course in the HIM academic program. It focuses on intermediate and advanced knowledge and skills identified by HIM faculty as critical to their students’ success both in their coursework on an academic medical school campus and future careers.

Dave Antonacci, PhD is the lead instructor, but IR staff experts teach each course module:
  • Presentations (PowerPoint) - Sonny Painter
  • Word Processing (Word) - Nellie Modaress
  • Spreadsheets (Excel) - Doug Adams
  • Databases (Access) - Edward Wilson
  • Collaboration (Adobe Connect) - Dave Antonacci/Grant James
  • Collaboration (SharePoint) - Scott Strausbaugh
  • Everyday Computing - Byron Johns
  • Internet Techniques - Heather Collins
  • Library Resources - Heather Collins
  • Citation Management - Heather Collins

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