Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Organizing Courses in Blackboard

 Organizing Courses in Blackboard

 Who can remember taking an online course where you were confused about the layout? Courses that are hard to navigate and find things are not effective because students spend too much of their focus on finding things rather than learning and interacting with content.  Organization is vital in making a course effective.  Courses need to have clear organization and follow a consistent pattern. 
One way to help organize your course is to use learning modules to present course content.  Learning modules provide a table of contents to the left hand side for easy navigation through the content.  The first page of a learning module is a great place to give a summary of contents, learning objectives and due dates for the module.    

Figure 1:  This is an example of content that can be shown on the first page of a Learning Module.

Consistency is another thing to keep in mind. Every module should be organized similarly.  Due dates should be found easily both on the assignment and in the calendar or syllabus.  If you want to really help students, make assignments due on the same weekday and same time each module.  For example, assignments are due on Monday at midnight and discussion board peer responses are due on Thursday at midnight.  

Everyone organizes their courses differently, and that is to be expected.  The goal is to keep each individual course easy to navigate and to have consistent formatting and deadlines.  If you have other tips or ideas on organizing courses feel free to share below!

For help with learning modules: 

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