Thursday, May 1, 2014

Yahoo Email Issue in Blackboard

The following announcement only affects Blackboard users who have their email address in Blackboard set to an address which ends in AND who send email via Blackboard to another user with a Yahoo account. This applies to less than 1% of all our Blackboard users.  Faculty, students and staff who possess a email address are unaffected by this issue.

Yahoo has recently changed the way their servers deliver emails. Yahoo will no longer accept email sent from outside mail services, such as KUMC Blackboard, when the return address ends in  This means that email originating in Blackboard where BOTH the sender AND the recipient are Yahoo addresses will not be delivered.

If you are affected by this issue and wish to update your email in Blackboard to a non-Yahoo address, please contact TLT at 8-7107 for more information.  Again, any user who possesses a email address is unaffected by this issue.  Blackboard always defaults to the address whenever present.

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