Monday, February 10, 2014

Classroom Spaces

Recall from “work in progress” in the Fall 2013 Newsletter the transformation of Wahl West Auditorium is now complete and in operation. Along with up-to-date décor, seating with electrical outlets, and an HD video conferencing system, there are additional amenities such as flat screen displays to augment the projection system, 360° drop ceiling audience microphones, and Apple TV to display iPad devices. The WiFi network has been increased for adequate coverage throughout the space.

One of the more obvious improvements to the small classroom spaces other than the flexible furniture described in the Fall 2013 Newsletter will be the replacement of the rickety lecterns currently in place with steel constructed lecterns or teaching stands from Computer Comfort. These will provide a 30” x 30” top surface for a monitor, keyboard, papers and notes, as well as an ADA approved flip up side table for additional room. The AV, Electric, and Network access plates will be added or moved to streamline wiring as well. Electric outlets will be installed at tabletop height around the rooms to facilitate charging or running the students’ devices.

Not all improvements are being made inside classrooms. File under work in progress, TLT, in concert with professional design teams, is embarking on a program to improve informal collaboration spaces in various corners and adjacent areas of Orr-Major building. Some are already complete, and others are in the design phase. Along with modern paint schemes, the new furnishings are intended to give students an inviting area to study, discuss, or just relax from their flurry of activities. There are additional electrical outlets to recharge their device batteries as well. They have been observed to be well received.

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