Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Attention Internet Explorer 11 Users

Recently Microsoft released a security patch for Internet Explorer 11. For faculty that use Internet Explorer 11 this patch will crash Internet Explorer when going into any course. Currently Internet Explorer 11 is not a supported browser and may not function properly in some areas of Blackboard. With this patch being released we recommend faculty not use Internet Explorer 11 until this is resolved.

This was released by blackboard yesterday: Bulletin/Advisory Information: On February 11th, 2014, Microsoft released a Cumulative Security Update, MS14-010.  This security update causes Internet Explorer 11 to crash when an instructor accesses any Blackboard Learn course that has Edit Mode turned on.  This security update was pushed to all Windows users with IE11.  More information about the security update can be found here:

Monday, February 17, 2014

Blackboard Assignments Issue : February 17, 2-9 am

Some Blackboard users may have experienced errors when attempting to submit or grade assignments or journal posts between 2 am- 9 am this morning, Monday February 17 due to a issue with one of our Blackboard servers.  Assessments were unaffected as was the ability to post to discussion forums although faculty may have experienced errors when trying to grade a discussion forum post.

If you attempted to submit an assignment or journal post between 2-9 am this morning and received an error, please verify in Blackboard that your submission is now displaying as expected.

This issue has been resolved and we apologize for the inconvenience.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact TLT at (913) 588-7107.

Blackboard temporarily unavailable (2/17) - RESOLVED

Some users may have experienced an issue logging in or losing connection to Blackboard between 9:05 and 9:15 Monday morning February 17th. Blackboard is now up and functioning normally again. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Camtasia Relay Outage - February 17 from 4-7 am

The Camtasia Relay server will be unavailable for new publishing between 4 - 7 am on Monday, February 17 due to required maintenance.  During this outage, existing recordings will continue to be available and users may still be able to record on their local machines, but these recordings will not be able to be published to or processed by the Relay server until it comes back online sometime before 7 am.

For further information, please contact TLT-EdTech at 8-7107.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Blackboard/Enroll and Pay Integration

We have received several questions concerning a Blackboard button some faculty see in Enroll and Pay.  Because Enroll and Pay is hosted in Lawrence, this button actually interfaces with the Lawrence instance of Blackboard.  We are unable to directly pull or send grades between Enroll and Pay and KUMC Blackboard at this time.

If, however, you have a large class and need to load grades from Blackboard to Enroll and Pay, there is a process. It is a little complicated. Contact TLT for additional help with this process.

  • Prepare your Blackboard Grade Center by adding a column called "Final Letter Grade" and put the students' final letter grade in the column.
  • Download the grades from Blackboard and prepare for upload. Directions are here.
  • Upload grades to Enroll and Pay. Directions are here.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact TLT-EdTech at 913-588-7107.

Blackboard Social Tools

Blackboard offers a number of social learning tools with which you can use the cloud to create an online identity, find and connect with other users, and engage in group and peer collaboration.  For example:

  • With Profiles, define a personal identity to share with those in your academic network.
  • Find peers, classmates and instructors with People.
  • Work and communicate collaboratively with others in your academic network with Spaces.

Follow the links above to discover more details about these features at Blackboard Help.  You can also call us at TLT-EdTech (913-588-7107) and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Classroom Spaces

Recall from “work in progress” in the Fall 2013 Newsletter the transformation of Wahl West Auditorium is now complete and in operation. Along with up-to-date d├ęcor, seating with electrical outlets, and an HD video conferencing system, there are additional amenities such as flat screen displays to augment the projection system, 360° drop ceiling audience microphones, and Apple TV to display iPad devices. The WiFi network has been increased for adequate coverage throughout the space.

One of the more obvious improvements to the small classroom spaces other than the flexible furniture described in the Fall 2013 Newsletter will be the replacement of the rickety lecterns currently in place with steel constructed lecterns or teaching stands from Computer Comfort. These will provide a 30” x 30” top surface for a monitor, keyboard, papers and notes, as well as an ADA approved flip up side table for additional room. The AV, Electric, and Network access plates will be added or moved to streamline wiring as well. Electric outlets will be installed at tabletop height around the rooms to facilitate charging or running the students’ devices.

Not all improvements are being made inside classrooms. File under work in progress, TLT, in concert with professional design teams, is embarking on a program to improve informal collaboration spaces in various corners and adjacent areas of Orr-Major building. Some are already complete, and others are in the design phase. Along with modern paint schemes, the new furnishings are intended to give students an inviting area to study, discuss, or just relax from their flurry of activities. There are additional electrical outlets to recharge their device batteries as well. They have been observed to be well received.

Testing Services Joins TLT

We are excited to welcome Testing Services to the TLT-EdTech team following the recent reorganization of Information Resources.  Just like before, faculty will continue to work with Tim Doughty and Ron Knight to deliver online assessments in the Computerized Testing Center and paper-based testing using Scantron. Ron’s and Tim’s offices will still be located in Dykes Library.

If you have any questions, concerns or would simply like more information about Testing Services and what we offer, please don’t hesitate contact Tim (8-1471), Ron (8-8655) or Phil Wilhauk (8-7292).

Welcome Darin Grechus

In October, TLT-Media welcomed Darin Grechus as our new Media Production Technician.  Darin came to the University from some of the finest hotels in the Kansas City Area, where he provided Audio/Video Technical Support.  He has worked many years helping clients in the hospitality industry, and is now out all around campus everyday helping out TLT-Media clients and the entire University.