Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blackboard - New Features for 2014

At the end of December, we did an update to Blackboard that included some feature updates that you may not be aware of. Check out these new features (click on link to watch video of feature):

  • In-line grading - no need to download that Word doc, add comments, and then reload. All of this can be accomplished with in-line grading, all on one screen. In addition to the video link above, here is another video link for students (or yourself) if you are having difficulty viewing the document and comments on one screen. (Tip: You have to collapse some frames for a bigger view.)
  • Test Options - now have more flexibility when you provide a key to all students or set up one student to take a quiz at a different time than other students in the course.
  • Test Access Log - want to know when a student took a test and how long it took them. Now you can with this log report.

Just to let you know, we don't plan on making any new major updates until the end of this year.

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