Saturday, November 23, 2013

KUMC Exemplar Courses: Monday, December 2, 2013, 12 noon - 1 pm, 4024 Nursing/Varnes then moving to B018 Nursing

Please join us for another session in which KUMC faculty demonstrate how they are using technology in their courses. In this session, see…

Chito Belchez, Jessica Gay, and Dave Martin (SoN):

In Fall 2011, the Undergraduate Nursing Program implemented an extensive curriculum revision. That revision incorporated reorganization of content, focus on conceptual teaching, team based learning, and enhanced utilization of technology. During the second year of this implementation process, it became apparent that we lacked adequate structural support for this type of teaching/learning to be optimized. In recognition and support for this change, two learning spaces (4024 and B018 Nursing) have been redesigned to allow small group work in a classroom with 100+ students.

In this Exemplar Courses session, we’ll learn from three Nursing instructors who teach in this new way in these new spaces. Come learn about how they promote student engagement and interaction. What worked and what didn’t? What challenges did they encounter and their solutions? How did students react? How did the physical classroom affect their instructional methods and effectiveness? And much much more!

No RSVP is needed. Questions? Contact Dave Antonacci (x8-7144) in TLT.

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