Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Question Sets: Differences between ANGEL and Blackboard

Both ANGEL and Blackboard have Question Sets. But there are some major differences you need to know.

In ANGEL, you were able to display a question set at a time. Also, you could add a heading to a question set with a full html editor. Some instructors took advantage of these features to present a set of questions that all related to the header information. For example, you could present a case study or image in the header of a question set, then all the questions in the question set would refer to the information in the header. A pretty nice way to display a set of related questions.

Unfortunately, this is not how Blackboard implements question sets. So, if you had any assessments that were set up this way, all the information contained in the question set header was not transferred over. You will need to find each question that referred to the information in the question set header, and add that information to each question.

Also, we have noticed that when some question sets in ANGEL transferred over to Blackboard also as question sets, the point total for that test/quiz may be calculating wrong. Please contact TLT for assistance to fix this issue.

So, what is at question sets in Blackboard?

A Question Set is a collection of questions retrieved from selected Tests and Pools. From this set, you specify how many questions to display. The specific questions displayed are randomly chosen for each time the test is taken.

For each question set, you can specify:

  • The pools and tests from which it will be drawn
  • The type of questions to be drawn
  • The number of questions to be drawn

If the number of questions to be displayed is less than the list of questions (example: 3 out of 50), then the questions are randomly distributed so that each user may be viewing a different set of three questions. The Instructor can choose to display the same questions to all users by selecting all the questions listed.

Creating Question Sets

  1. Create or access the test.
  2. On the Test Canvas page, point to Reuse Question.
  3. Select Create Question Set.
  4. On the Create Question Set page, search for questions using the Browse Criteria.
  5. Select the questions to include in the test. Select the checkbox in the header row to select all questions.
  6. Review your selected questions.
  7. Click Submit.

Adding More Questions

To add more questions after the initial submission, expand the Questions in the Set and click Add Questions.

More Information

  • Enter the total number of questions to display to students. To ensure students are presented with a question set each time, enter a number less than the total number of questions.
  • Enter a point value per question. The point value you enter will be assigned to every question in the set. You cannot assign separate point values for individual questions in the same question set.
Note: When you add questions to a test using the Question Set feature, each question is linked. The questions do not exist in the test. Therefore, if you change an original question, the revised version of the question will be displayed. Once the test with the linked question is deployed, the questions will no longer reflect revisions made to the original.

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