Monday, August 26, 2013

Classroom Updates

TLT-Media has been very busy improving the teaching and learning facilities on our campus.  Many of the changes have been subtle, and a few have been dramatic.  The first floor Orr-Major small classrooms, the 4th floor lab rooms, and several of the small classrooms in the School of Nursing building have been re-furnished with flexible light weight seating and moveable tables to facilitate different room configurations for diverse teaching styles.  The chairs are also color coded to the rooms to make chair accountability easier.

About one third of our computers and projectors have been replaced. Some of the projectors were last produced in 2004.  The new projectors are brighter, quieter, greener, and less expensive than the ones they replaced.  The computers are noticeably faster as well as more reliable with solid state hard drives instead of disc drives.  Within a year, all of our projectors and computers should be of current manufacture.

One of the more obvious changes has been the transformation of B018 SON from a tiered lecture room with a capacity of 74 into a flat active learning space expanded to 112 seats.  Dramatic change is an understatement.  With the projector on the front wall, and 70” display monitors on the other three walls, everyone should have a good sight-line to see the content.
SON B018 - Before
SON B018 - Before
SON B018 - After

Varnes 4024
Room 4024 in the Varnes Center has also been similarly repurposed for active learning.  Both rooms now have 110VAC outlets in the tabletop to keep the students myriad electronic devices charged and ready for learning without the danger of extension cords all over the floor.

Filed under work in progress, Wahl Hall West Auditorium (WHW) is coming back into operation after over a year lying dormant.  It has been tastefully redecorated with new seating with available 110VAC on the seat risers, new carpet and tile flooring, and the dated honey oak trim has been painted to give a modern look and feel.  The updated technology includes three 60” monitors and a wide screen projector, an HD CODEC and cameras for video conferencing, and a digitally controlled audio system.  It should be ready for occupancy early in the Fall semester.
Wahl Hall West Renovations

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