Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blackboard FAQ: Understanding the Grade Center

The Grade Center in Blackboard is different from ANGEL. For one, when you create an assignment or test, a column in the grade center is automatically created. No need to map an assessment to the grade center like you had to do in ANGEL. However, when we converted from ANGEL to Blackboard, if you had an old copy of an exam or assignment in ANGEL, it added a column to the Blackboard grade center automatically. So, you may find three Exam 3 in your Blackboard grade center.

For more information on the Bb Grade Center, watch the TLT review or refer to the Bb online tutorials.

Also, here are a couple of resources that you can save or print off as you prepare your online tests.
If you need assistance with the grade center, please make an appointment with your TLT Liaison.

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