Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blackboard FAQ: When to use "Force Completion" Option

When you create a test/quiz in your course, you have many options to set when deploying it online to students. One option is the "Force Completion" option. The intention is to "force" students to complete the test in one sitting and not navigate outside of Blackboard during the test. So, if a student clicks on a link in the left navigation or goes to another site within the same browser tab they are taking the test in, the test will automatically submit what the student has completed on the test. However, this can easily be circumvent by opening a new tab or a different internet browser. Students can navigate the course content area in one tab and take the test in another tab. So, this feature really is not that secure. On top of that, you end up dealing with students' computer and internet issues if this option is selected. If a student's internet connection is lost during the test, the test is auto-submitted. If the student's computer shuts down for whatever reason, the test is auto-submitted.

We strongly recommend you turn off the Force Completion option. We have encountered problems when Force Completion is on, because students who lose their Blackboard connection/session while taking a test, are not able to get back into the test to complete it.

Instead, we recommend you Set Timer to a time limit. If students start a one-hour timed test, they will have one hour to complete the test, beginning when they first entered the test and ending one hour later. Even if they log out of Blackboard during the test, they will only have one hour to complete the test. They do not get the additional time they were out of Blackboard or the test.

Please see the following image of the Test Availability options:

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