Thursday, June 6, 2013

Blackboard FAQ: What is a child course?

What is a child course?

Instructors who teach multiple sections of the same course may prefer to manage those sections through a single master course with associated child courses.
In your list of courses, you may see something like this:
Notice that there are two sections of the same course, but one is indicated as a child course. Note: you may have multiple child courses depending on the number of sections you want to merge into one master course.
New content must be managed from the master course. Child courses are marked as unavailable, but can be managed through the master course. If you click on a child course, you will see a warning such as this: 
Just click on the link "master course" and manage your content in the master course.
Upon being merged, all enrollments in the child course are replicated in the master course, and any future enrollment changes in the child course are also synchronized automatically with the master course.

What do students see? 

If the course is set to unavailable, then they will not see the course listed in "My Courses." Once the master course is set to available, they will only see one course; the course they are enrolled in. This course will contain all the content that is in the master course. So, students enrolled in different sections will have access to the the same content.

How can I hide child courses or any old course I do not want in my list of courses?

If you want to "clean up" your list of courses so only the courses you need access to are displayed, watch this short video on how this is done.
Note: Hiding a course does not delete the course or any of the content within the course.

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