Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blackboard Enrollment Changes

Starting with Summer 2013 classes, we’re changing how we add and remove students from their Blackboard coursesites. Students will be automatically added and removed from Blackboard coursesites based on their Enroll-and-Pay status. It may take one business day for Enroll-and-Pay adds or drops to occur in Blackboard. Faculty will not be able to manually add or remove students from their Blackboard sites.

This change will better manage coursesite access, and it will reduce confusion when students have access to a coursesite even though they have dropped a course, or vice versa.

We understand that occasionally an instructor wants a student to have coursesite access, even though the student is not officially enrolled in the course. Those exceptions need to be discussed with the School’s Dean or delegate, and the exception request will come to TLT from the Dean or Delegate. Although TLT will not add or remove a student from a coursesite without this approval, we will continue to add or remove another/additional instructor to a course; the lead course instructor should request these instructor changes directly to TLT.

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