Thursday, February 14, 2013

Classroom Updates

We are steadily embracing and facilitating the paradigm shift toward the flexible classroom model.  We started by adding casters to the 4th floor Orr-Major labs tables.  When that was well received, we purchased rolling tables and chairs for the first floor Orr-Major small classrooms and our newest Centrally Scheduled addition, 1101 Delp.  Not only do the chairs roll, but they stack nicely and are color-coded to help with accountability.

In future months we will be giving the same flexible treatment to rooms in the School of Nursing.  More on SON changes in our next report.

The classrooms overall have been given fresh coats of paint, ceiling tiles replaced, and ceiling grids freshened up.

We have acquired more Centrally Scheduled Space on the ground floor of the Student Center building and have reacquired Wahl Hall West Auditorium.  Plans for renovation, furnishing, and equipping these areas are currently under way.  More on those later.

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