Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blackboard Begins - Summer 2013

Starting May 28th, Blackboard will go LIVE. When faculty, staff, and students return from Memorial Day, they will be interacting in the online learning management system known as Blackboard. As for ANGEL, faculty will still have access until June 14th, but only through a direct weblink. All ANGEL links throughout the KUMC website will be updated or will redirect everyone to Blackboard.

So far, our pilot courses offering Blackboard in their classes have provided positive feedback. After getting past a learning curve, faculty have said the Blackboard's interface is "simple and clean" and seems to make sense. We haven't heard of any major complaints from students also. So far, so good.

As we migrate to the new platform, each schools' educational technology liaison has put together training plans for their faculty and staff. In addition to these trainings, the TLT department will also be offering additional one-hour overview sessions in March and April to discuss particular features of Blackboard. These sessions are open to anyone with no RSVP required. The topics, dates, and locations include:

Overview of Blackboard and Features
  • March 13, 11am to noon; 1025 OrrMajor
  • March 14, 1pm to 2pm; 1025 OrrMajor

Blackboard Mobile
  • March 27, 11am to noon; 1025 OrrMajor
  • March 28, 1pm to 2pm; 1025 OrrMajor

Blackboard Grade Center
  • April 10, 11am to noon; 1025 OrrMajor
  • April 11, 1pm to 2pm; 1025 OrrMajor

Blackboard Discussion Forums and Groups
  • April 24, 11am to noon; 1025 OrrMajor
  • April 25, 1pm to 2pm; 1025 OrrMajor

In addition to these resources, there is also many instructional videos offered by Blackboard for those who cannot make the above sessions or just want to get started learning Blackboard. Those videos and resources can be found at: 

If you have any questions regarding training and the transition to Blackboard, contact your school's edtect liaison or email TLT EdTech at

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