Thursday, October 11, 2012

Updates to Rieke Auditorium

Following the functional design of Wahl Hall East Auditorium (WHE) in 2011, Rieke Auditorium was outfitted with a full service Distance Learning system in the summer of 2012.  Designed around the powerful and flexible PolyCom HDX9004 video CODEC, the room is capable of connecting up to seven other endpoints without the use of an external Multi Point Control Unit (MCU).  The teaching faculty can observe the far end sites as well as the content which they are sending out on four large screen video monitors placed so they can be seen from almost anywhere on the lecture stage.  Step-sensitive mats on the floor allow automatic tracking of the instructor so that the far sites should always have them in view.

There is no SmartBoard installed in Rieke Auditorium.  A touch sensitive 18” monitor attached to the podium takes its place for faculty who desire to annotate their slides during the presentation.

Dual video projection was added at the request of faculty members for a more flexible teaching environment.  In the background, the robust Crestron control system makes setting up the system almost a magical experience, and Crestron Digital Media (DM) ensures that the video is as forward compatible as possible.  Fifty table microphones capture student questions as well as key the audience cameras to the zone the question is coming from.

The technical operational control (TOC) for Rieke is located in 2005D Orr-Major along with the TOC for WHE.  Together these two systems, WHE and Rieke are designed to replicate as closely as possible the KUMC Kansas City learning environment for Year 1 and Year 2 Medical Students at KUMC Salina and KUMC Wichita.

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