Tuesday, March 13, 2012

eLibrary Adoption - Kansas University School of Nursing: Making the move from a traditional bookshelf to an electronic library of books that can be held in your hand or balanced on your head!

At the beginning of 2011, KUMC’s School of Nursing began investigating adopting and implementing the use of what we refer to as an ‘eLibrary’. Part of the implementation and evaluation process included eLibrary installation on faculty desktops and laptops for familiarizing and preparation for the fall 2011 semester, post evaluation of the processes used to prepare faculty and students, and review and reflection on the challenges and successes in the first year of implementation. Factors in the decision making process included: matching the right level of resources to our program, evaluating the eText interface, negotiations with eText publishers, and a strategy for implementing and educating students and faculty on maximizing the tools and enhancements that are available in an eLibrary.
Some of the benefits of adopting the eLibrary were: access to digital copies of all electronic textbooks and resources that could downloaded to the students desktop, laptop, and two mobile devices, digital note sharing from faculty and student study groups, faculty access to all eTexts in the curriculum to enhance teaching strategies in a Concept-Based curriculum, also launched in the fall of 2011. According to “The Horizon Report” 2011 Edition:
“Now that they are firmly established in the consumer sector, electronic books are
beginning to demonstrate capabilities that challenge the very definition of reading.
Audiovisual, interactive, and social elements enhance the information content of
books and magazines.”
(Johnson, Smith, Willis, Levine & Haywood, 2011)
Permission is granted under a Creative Commons Attribution license to replicate, copy, distribute, transmit, or adapt this report freely provided that attribution is provided as illustration in the citation below.
Johnson, L., Smith, R., Willis, H., Levine, A., and Haywood, K., (2011). The 2011 Horizon Report.
  Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium.

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