Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Resource! KUMC Online Student Orientation

Each semester, there has been an increase in online courses at KUMC, wheather it be the course is using the online part to distribute course materials, or that it has become a fully online course. Because of this, we have developed an Online Student Orientation. This orientation is geared toward assisting students who are unfamilar with online courses, or the online course technologies that we support.

You can access this Online Student Orientation by going to the link below.


The goal of this website is to increase a student's knowledge and prepare them for their online courses as well as courses that utilize online components, also called hybrid course. By completeing this orientation, they will know how to:
  • prepare for the online course
  • manage their time in the online course
  • be a successful online student
  • use the online technologies
  • check your computer to use with your online course technologies
  • get assistance and help when something goes wrong
Feel free to distribute this link to students who need assistance with any of the following technologies you use:
  1. ANGEL Learning Management System
  2. Adobe Connect Web Conferencing System
  3. Video Lectures using iTunes U or Camtasia Relay
We hope to continue to update this orientation as needed, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to email us at tlt@kumc.edu.

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