Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adobe Connect Maintenance: 9/30, 10 pm - 10/1, 4 am

Adobe Connect will undergo system maintenance starting Friday, September 30, 2011 at 10:00 pm and ending Saturday, October 1, 2011 at 4 am. During the maintenance window, the Adobe Connect system may be intermittently unavailable. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Camtasia Relay Update: 10/3, 6 am - 8 am

We will be updating our Camtasia Relay system on Monday, October 3, 2011 from 6 am - 8 am. Relay will not be available during this upgrade time frame. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Login Issues Resolved

The certificate issues preventing users from logging into applications via CAS (Angel, Chalk, myKUMC, etc.) have been resolved. Users should again be able to login to these applications.

Login Problems

User are currently experiencing problems logging into systems which use CAS. This includes Angel, Chalk and myKUMC. IR is working to resolve the issue.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Best Practices Documents

While discussing how we can provide effective Educational Technology support to the KUMC faculty and staff, we have decided to create Best Practices Documents for most of the technologies we support. We will be working to create these documents throughout the next couple semesters.
We hope that these documents will provide some support, not just for the technical side of the technology, but to give some tips to use the technology effectively in the classroom or in the online course.
We have created one document so far, and are currently working on one about using Clickers.

Take a look!

For more information about the technologies and services we provide, visit our homepage.

New Resource! KUMC Online Student Orientation

Each semester, there has been an increase in online courses at KUMC, wheather it be the course is using the online part to distribute course materials, or that it has become a fully online course. Because of this, we have developed an Online Student Orientation. This orientation is geared toward assisting students who are unfamilar with online courses, or the online course technologies that we support.

You can access this Online Student Orientation by going to the link below.

The goal of this website is to increase a student's knowledge and prepare them for their online courses as well as courses that utilize online components, also called hybrid course. By completeing this orientation, they will know how to:
  • prepare for the online course
  • manage their time in the online course
  • be a successful online student
  • use the online technologies
  • check your computer to use with your online course technologies
  • get assistance and help when something goes wrong
Feel free to distribute this link to students who need assistance with any of the following technologies you use:
  1. ANGEL Learning Management System
  2. Adobe Connect Web Conferencing System
  3. Video Lectures using iTunes U or Camtasia Relay
We hope to continue to update this orientation as needed, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to email us at

Friday, September 2, 2011

What is on the ‘Horizon’ for the advancement of teaching and learning through information technology innovation for higher education?

According to The NEW MEDIA CONSORTIUM and the EDUCAUSE Learning INITIATIVE 2011 Horizon Report, research indicates six (6) topics:
1. Electronic Books
2. Mobile Devices
3. Augmented Reality
4. Game-Based Learning
5. Gesture-Based Computing
6. Learning Analytics
For more information about the leading and emerging trends, click on 2011 Horizon Report to view or download the full report, or you can watch a short YouTube Video.

Teaching & Learning Online Course at KUMC

To help our faculty with teaching online, Teaching & Learning Technologies has developed an online course about Teaching & Learning Online at KUMC. This course focuses on important knowledge and skills needed for successful online teaching. It is targeted to faculty who are new to KUMC, new to online learning, or new to our Angel Learning System. Because it is delivered completely online, you will also better understand the perspective of an online student.

The course is organized into 6 units, each lasting a week:
  • Learning Theory and Instructional Design
  • Delivering Content
  • Communication
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Interaction
  • Course Management and Procedures
Additionally, each unit demonstrates best practices by including a variety teaching methods, techniques, activities, and technologies. Participants are expected to actively participate by engaging in all discussions, completing all course activities, and submitting assignments. Active participation requires signing in to the course at least 2 times per week for a total of at least 2-3 hours of weekly course work. So, you will be investing 12-18 hours in this course.

The course starts Monday, October 3rd and ends Sunday, November 13th. If you are interested in participating in this course, please contact Dave Antonacci (

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Camtasia Relay - Upgraded to Version 3

On May 18th Camtasia Relay, our lecture capturing software, was upgraded to version 3. If you are a current user and have not yet upgraded your Relay recorder since then, please contact your TLT Liaison for information or assistance. Or log onto Relay using your KUMC username and password and click "download" on the right hand side of the screen.

New features of this upgrade include:
  • Add Captions to Videos
  • Improved Search Accuracy
  • Enhanced Audio Capture
For more details see, What's New in Camtasia Relay 3, or contact your TLT Liaison.

Beginning in July the most current version of Camtasia Relay, 3.1, was released. We are currently preparing to test this version and will have more information regarding an update in the future.

Exciting new features in 3.1 include:
  • Mac OS X Lion Support
  • TechSmith Fuse - Allows you to record videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and process those videos with Relay

For more information on using Camtasia Relay in your courses see, Camtasia Relay at KUMC