Thursday, May 19, 2011

Naming Files Best Practices

Many of the technologies we support for you, our KUMC faculty members, are located on Web servers. Specifically, you upload documents to ANGEL which is accessible through the Web. Oftentimes, if a document is named with special characters (e.g. & or @) or contains multiple dots before the extension (e.g. Word Document Name...doc) then it cannot be opened from a web server such as ANGEL. This blog post is to assist you in understanding how to create your documents and files Web Friendly for ANGEL.

I recommend that in order to make your files web friendly, be sure and use only letters, numbers, underscores, and dashes. Also, make sure there is only one dot before the file extension.

Good Examples to Follow:
If your file is named something like "Project One & Project 2 Instructions..docx" then you will have problems downloading the file from ANGEL, whether you upload it as a File, a Content Link, if a student submits it to a Dropbox or Discussion Forum.

We have done our best to find and fix the files that do not work in ANGEL.

If you experience any trouble downloading a file from ANGEL, take a look at the name of the file. Does it contain double-dots, ampersands or special characters?

You can contact TLT and they can assist you with fixing the file in ANGEL. Once you get into a habit of naming your files with only letters, numbers, underscores, and dashes, and your extension only has one dot before it, you will no longer have issues with documents on a web server.

Posted at 03:17PM May 19, 2011 by sgerald