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Adding Educational Multimedia to Your Course - Resources

Teaching & Learning Technologies presented to faculty about adding educational multimedia (videos) to their courses. Specifically, they presented about why you should include it in your course and some general instructional strategies for educational multimedia. Crystal Cameron-Vedros, from the copyright department in the library spoke about copyright. Then, faculty learned where to go to find some educational multimedia, how to add it into ANGEL, and some technical instructions on how to add these videos to a PowerPoint, how to record audio, and how to play video files on a Windows vs Mac computer.

A number of faculty asked for an easier way to get to all the links on our handout, so they are below so you can easily click on the link you want. As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact Teaching & Learning Technologies.

Embed and/or Link Videos

The following websites provide you a URL or embed code that allows you to add the video directly into your course content. To do this, look for the words 'embed' or 'share' and copy the embed code. Then, paste it into the "source" view of the HTML Editor.

Youtube --
Link or embed these videos in your course--you can customize the embed code to not include related videos or to create different sizes of the embedded video.

Teachertube --
Link or embed these videos in your course--create an account to not see the ads before viewing each video.

Vimeo --
Usually higher quality videos, you can link or embed these videos into your course.

TED Talks --
Link or embed these inspirational talks for your students to view.

LearnersTV --
Video lecture courses you can link (cannot embed) to in your course.

Download Videos

The following websites allow you to download videos. Remember, if you download a video to put up in ANGEL, it is a good idea to stream the video so your students do not have to wait for the video to download and since you can only upload files less than 50 megabytes into ANGEL. Contact TLT to stream the videos for your course.

Teachers TV --
Register for free to download videos, or view them without registering.

Teachers’ Domain --
Must register to view and download for free.

MedEd Portal --
Must register to download these resources for free. There are more than just videos in this portal. (Simulations, Tutorials, Documents, Programs, etc.)

Technical How-To

The following websites allow you to download software which allows different types of media to work on your computer.

Camtasia Relay --
You must have an account before you are able to log in. Contact TLT to get an account.

Click on the top option to download the correct and most recent version.

This tutorial will walk you through how to make the LAME encoder work with Audacity.

Play windows media videos on a Mac computer.


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