Friday, November 19, 2010

ANGEL and EndNote

  • EndNote Libraries are a combination of .enl files and .data folders.
  • .enl files are the native EndNote format. They will not open directly from ANGEL. They can be saved locally or on network drives and opened. When they are opened for the first time if the .data folder does not exist, it is created in the same location. EndNote does not have rights to create the .data folder on the ANGEL server and an error message is displayed.
  • .enlx files are the native compressed package containing the .enl file and .data folder. They may reduce the size of the library up to half of the uncompressed size.
  • A recommended best practice is to ONLY upload .enlx files to ANGEL. These compressed files save server disk space and ensure consistent delivery of content to instructors.
  • Dykes Library EndNote Resources -

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