Friday, September 24, 2010

VoiceThread: A New Way to Discuss Online

Discussion forums are a necessary communication component in an online course, but many students and faculty indicate they don't have the same experience as an in-class discussion. While there may not be an online replacement for a face to face discussion, there's one online tool that does take discussing online a step in that direction.

VoiceThread is an online tool that is becoming very popular in education, as it presents an online discussion in a different format, utilizing video from a webcam, voice from a microphone, as well as keeping the text chatting.  You can also embed a VoiceThread into your ANGEL course. Here's an example of a VoiceThread, explaining what VoiceThread is all about.

View this VoiceThread directly.

Posted at 11:38AM Sep 24, 2010 by sgerald

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