Wednesday, August 18, 2010

iClicker Receivers in Select Auditoriums/Classrooms

For those faculty and staff who use iClickers, several auditoriums and classrooms now have iClicker receiver bases:

  Rieke Auditorium
  Wahl Hall East Auditorium
  1015 Orr Major

  1050 Nursing
  G013 Nursing
  B018 Nursing

This means you do not need to bring an iClicker receiver base if you're using iClickers or webClickers in those rooms. You still need your flash drive with your iClicker software and data on it, but you can just insert your flash drive into any of the USB ports for the podium computer--your flash drive does not have to be inserted into the iClicker receiver base in these rooms. (Students still need their iClicker remotes. SoM students still need their webClicker accounts.)

Additionally, Rieke, WHE, and 1015 Orr Major have both a receiver base and a flash drive with the iClicker and webClicker software on it. This means you can use iClickers/webClickers in those rooms without your personal flash drive, but you should still use your own flash drive in those three rooms if you want to save your clicker data for attendance or grades. (The Nursing rooms only have a receiver base.)

If you're using iClickers or webClickers in any of these six rooms, please contact TLT (x8-7107 or, and we'll make sure you're setup correctly the first time you use clickers in these rooms.

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