Sunday, October 4, 2009

What new DEVICE is in the hands of nursing students and faculty?

Watching a Lecture on iPod Touch

Over 120 juniors and over 25 faculty are walking around with either an iPod Touch or an iPhone. The School of Nursing adopted the iPod Touch device for this year's incoming juniors. Previously, the recommended device was a PC-based PDA. Since the digital publishing company SkyScape provides the Nursing Resource package for students to download using an Apple Application for iPod Touch or iPhone, students can be seen across campus perusing information loaded in their SkyScape APP on their iPod Touch - like 'Davis' Drug Guide', 'RxDrugs', 'Taber's Dictionary' and other medical applications available for download from the iTunes store. Another student might be seen checking their GroupWise email or watching a POCiT video on 'Drawing Blood from a Central Line'.

If you'd like to consider using mobile devices in your school or department, speak with your TLT Liaison to get the scoop.

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